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Belle Noir Beauty of London specialises in natural and beautifully colured balayage  lace front wigs, frontal, closures  and  hair additions.

Belle Noir Beauty understands how important it is for you to choose the right hair that truly work for you and your lifestyle. Belle Noir Beauty sources all hair directly from trusted suppliers and is proud to have a 10a quality hair assurance process, that is second to none.

You can rest assured that all Belle Noir Beauty  hair is supplied in its natural, true, untreated state.

 Belle Noir Beauty 10a grade Hair is completely chemical free and is of the highest premium quality.

Belle Noir Beauty  hair extensions are  the ultimate hair choice to help you create the most defined and stylish current  looks. Belle Noir Beauty  hair is unique appearance, performance, feel and  versatile. 

Belle Noir Beauty  hair quality makes it the healthiest and purest hair to work with, meaning it’s the pinnacle of hair extensions as it can be used time and time again.

You can colour, apply heat and style it to infinitely. Alternatively,you could  opt for a custom colour and texture.  Belle Noir Beauty offers an extensive range of coloured extension available in lengths 12"-40" on request. 



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