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All You Need To Know About 360 Frontal Closure - Belle Noir Beauty

All You Need To Know About 360 Frontal Closure - Belle Noir Beauty

Not sure what sure what type of frontal you want or need?

360 or a 13 x4 Lace frontal?

The first step is to familiarise yourself with the products capabilities and your lifestyle, hair and maintenance expectations.

So lets gets started...

All BELLE NOIR BEAUTY lace frontals are 130 density as standard. BNB has a huge range and variety of 360 frontal closure and lace frontal closure. All constructed from the of finest quality  10A grade hair.

Do you know your Peruvian hair extensions? 🤔

Do you know your  Peruvian hair extensions? 🤔
Peruvian hair is a popular type of hair used for hair extensions.. It can be slightly wavy but always full and thick. It is a durable hair which provides a wide range of textures and styling option. Although it is thick it is light in weight which it makes wearing Peruvian hair extension as great option for those who require volume without bulk.

Want the Best Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Want the Best Brazilian Hair Extensions?

Brazilian hair is the most popular of all textures for hair extensions. Brazilian hair is soft, thick and very durable. For this reason it is the most widely available hair type. Popular with hair extension weavers and wig makers for its unique features which include luxuriously soft texture, low maintenance available in a variety of texture which can be seamlessly blended with any hair type.



"What Is 10A Grade Hair?"

Lets be honest!

You can be online for a short while before you see an advertisement or pop-up for beautiful hair on sell via  websites you have NEVER heard off.There are a lot of hair fans who often buy hair extensions online based on the imagery.

Never stopping the question the quality or origin of the hair your buying can only lead to upset and wasted money. 

Not many people know the real deal in the hair they are purchasing.