Wondering if your the only person who’s has ever thought about wearing a Topper. Desiring a thinking crown or popular than you think.

So how easy it is to put on our Crown Topper?

Read on to find out more.

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As you know, lace units look great when you’re wearing them. But some time or another you’re going to have to wash your unit. This can be a chore depending on your adhesive of choice.

Here’s a few hints and tips for removing and cleaning your Lace Unit

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All Belle Noir Beauty Hair is soft and tangle. Maintenance of ALL Belle Noir Beauty hair is simply and satisfying quick.

Here are some more tips that are a touch more detailed in order that you'll find out how to  care of your Belle Noir Beauty Lace Units:

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"What Is 10A Grade Hair?"

Lets be honest!

You can be online for a short while before you see an advertisement or pop-up for beautiful hair on sell via  websites you have NEVER heard off.There are a lot of hair fans who often buy hair extensions online based on the imagery.

Never stopping the question the quality or origin of the hair your buying can only lead to upset and wasted money. 

Not many people know the real deal in the hair they are purchasing.

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